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Android App Development Company

There are 2 billion monthly active Android devices worldwide. This is a huge accomplishment that represents the broadest reach of any computing platform of its kind. Because of its popularity, Android app development has become a requirement for all types of business enterprises. Powerful Android apps have enormous potential to propel your company forward.

Redback, an Android App Development Company, has always been on the cutting edge of developing powerful and immersive apps. Our distinct approach, combined with cutting-edge development techniques, has enabled us to create game-changing Android applications.

How to choose the best Android App Developers ?

Redback employs the most talented and intelligent app development professionals with years of experience. Furthermore, their innovative abilities, futuristic thinking, and working ability provide the best apps that are an accurate reflection of your specific idea. In other words, these elements are critical in propelling your brand to new heights by influencing your target audience. These factors have propelled us to the top Android app development company in India. Our experts are well-versed in technical elements, cutting-edge tools, and their application in specific areas. We are fully equipped to provide dedicated service in all aspects of requirement analysis, design, coding, testing, security, and maintenance.

Benefits of working with us

Unmatched experience & proven expertise

We adore being on the cutting edge of technology. In developing robust apps, we constantly push our limits and leverage our knowledge. We have years of experience and expertise spanning the entire mobile ecosystem, from interactive interface design to server-side architecture and integration.

A dedicated team for support and compliance

To provide robust end-to-end solutions, we have an in-house consortium of knowledgeable professionals who use an agile development methodology. Before releasing the final product, our diverse team works diligently to understand the client's requirements and delve into the smallest of details. To reap the benefits, hire an Android Developer from Cumulations.

Robust growth & development timelines

Every second counts. That is why we collaborate closely with you to reduce the app timeline. We have a reputation for completing projects on time and within budget.

Rigorous QA process

To create bug-free, high-performance apps, we adhere to strict quality assurance standards. We will not rest until your app has passed the gauntlet of our manual and automated tests with flying colours. We also provide complete after-sales support and maintenance to keep you ahead of the competition.

Excellent customer service

Our Android Application Development services firm has always prioritised providing excellent customer service while delivering exceptional business value for all of our hundreds of mobile app development projects.

Development process followed in our Android App Development :

Information gathering

We begin by understanding our client's defined needs, business objectives, and philosophies to ensure our process is in line with their expectations..


Following that, we create a detailed app wireframe that defines the platform details, feature specifications, and feasibility options.


Here, our skilled team begins designing the app's interactive user interface. Static mockups of various screens are created to give the client a clear picture of the app's final look and feel.


Our programmers and architects work closely with our designers to deliver robust and dependable applications. Our iterative, agile app development methodologies enable us to keep our clients informed and rigorously test the product along the way, ensuring that there are no surprises at the end.

Quality assurance

To deliver a brilliant product, our powerful testing strategies meticulously cover all aspects of quality. As a result, all of our deliverables are practical, long-lasting, and inspiring.

Support & Maintenance

We collaborate closely with our clients to provide complete app support and maintenance even after it has been released. Furthermore, as your business needs evolve, we strive to develop new features.

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